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quinta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2009

Inscrições abertas para o Programa "The Fulbright Scholar-In-Residence (SIR)"

The Fulbright Scholar-In-Residence (SIR) program brings visiting scholars and professionals from abroad to lecture for one semester or academic year at U.S. colleges and universities that don't usually have the opportunity to host visiting scholars, such as: small liberal arts colleges, regional undergraduate universities, community colleges, and minority-serving institutions (Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions and Tribal Colleges). Although the SIR program is a small component of the Fulbright family of programs, providing an estimated 46 grants in FY 2008, it is most beneficial to the hosting U.S. colleges and universities and their students, faculty and communities. Equally important, it is the only Fulbright program that enables visiting scholars to lecture at Institutions of Higher Education in the United States, thereby providing grantees with unique and significant professional benefits, a special opportunity for gaining an understanding of Americans and American institutions, society and culture, and the ability to take new-found teaching and community experiences with them upon returning home.

Summary of recommended institutional proposals for Brazil for the academic year 2009/2010

IMPORTANT: The complete application with application form, detailed project statement, detailed curriculum vitae, and three reference letters must be sent to, until MARCH 31th, 2009.

Name of Institution: Universidad Del Este (UNE)
Location: Carolina, Puerto Rico
Program Dates: 8/01/09 - 7/31/10
Length of Award: 11 months
Area of Study: Second Language Acquisition, Applied Linguistics
Institutional Support: Salary: $ N/A
Institutional Support: In-Kind: $ 40,000
Estimated Fulbright Grant Support: $ 39,050
Fulbright Travel Cost Coverage: To be determined

Founded in 1946, UNE is a Hispanic Serving Institution and is one of three four-year higher education institutions in Puerto Rico (along with the Universidad del Turabo and Universidad del Metropolitana) comprising the Ana G, Mendez Educational System. Taken together they make the second largest private educational system in Puerto Rico and currently enroll over 11,000 students. UNE's main campus is located in Carolina while five other non-metropolitan university centers operate in Utuado, Barceloneta, Yauco, Cabo Rojo, Santa Isabel as well as a branch center in Orlando, Florida. UNE is requesting assistance of the Fulbright Commission in recruiting a scholar of applied linguistics. She/he will operate under the auspices of the School of Social and Human Sciences. The primarily goal for the SIR would be to help create and enhance international content of the programs that will be used in the Language Institute. The development of the Language Institute is an institutional need that they hope to achieve within 5 years from now. The SIR is expected to take a leadership role in setting the academic framing for the type of programs that will be used. Additional responsibilities will be: (a) Widen the scope of study and enhance the international content in the courses offered in the school of Social and Human Sciences; (b) Promote student study abroad opportunities and partnerships between institutions of higher education in Central and South America, and Caribbean.

Name of Institution: North Carolina Central University
Location: Durham, NC
Program Dates: 8/10/09 - 5/21/10
Length of Award: 9 months
Academic Field: Ethnomusicology, Musicology
Institutional Support: Salary: $ N/A
Institutional Support: In-Kind: $ 1,000
Estimated Fulbright Grant Support: $ 29,600
Fulbright Travel Cost Coverage: To be determined

This is the nation's first public liberal arts institution founded for African-Americans which offers baccalaureate, master's and professional degrees. The University's mission is to educate students and prepare them to become successful citizens and future leaders in the today's diverse societies. North Carolina Central University requests a musicologist scholar to teach at the undergraduate level in the Music Department for the entire academic year of 2009-10. Courses of interest to be developed under the auspices of the faculty member Dr. Candace Bailey, would concentrate on "The Black Composer" and "The Music of Latin America." During the spring semester the lecture topics would be taught as a team with the current professors focusing on "Influences of the Latin Music on the Americas" and "Senior Seminar in Ethnomusicology". About 15-20 students are expected to participate in each of these classes per semester. The opportunity to learn from a Latin American Scholar on campus will provide an invaluable tool in situating music in different cultures and expanding students' horizon. Music, a universal phenomenon, serves as a unique way of exposing cultural differences to new generations who do not necessarily know the history of this region. The mission of the Music Department seeks to cultivate complete musicians who are able to think critically and be able to compete in the professional market. This cooperation between the Fulbright SIR program and the Musicology Department of North Carolina Central University will assist the department in achieving its goal in analyzing the influences that the music of the scholar's region had and continues to have on American music. The department of ethno musicology is new and as a result, the scholar is expected to provide assistance with the type of courses that will be offered in this program. This is a unique opportunity for the scholar to develop professionally, as new grounds need to be explored in this area.

Name of Institution: Temple Universisty
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Program Dates: 8/15/09 - 5/25/10
Length of Award: 9 months
Academic Field: Sociology, Women's Studies
Institutional Support: Salary: $ 16,500
Institutional Support: In-Kind: $ 1,000
Estimated Fulbright Grant Support: $ 32,125
Fulbright Travel Cost Coverage: To be determined

This is a well known research institution of Philadelphia with an enrollment of 34,000 students. It has four suburban campuses with international programs in Japan and Italy. Their diverse student body of different backgrounds calls for a superior education and level of commitment to a wide range of academic programs that will enhance students' knowledge and sharpen their skills to become excellent citizens of this country and of the world. Temple offers 125 bachelor's degrees, 108 master's degrees, 52 doctoral degrees and 8 professional degrees. The ideal candidate for this program would be able to: (a) Teach in English for all courses at Temple University are offered in English.; (b) Teach one qualitative research methods course per semester at the undergraduate and/or graduate level; (c) Make contacts with other researchers and graduate students doing qualitative research across the university. The host institution would provide contacts with a number of researchers who work in a range of disciplines include geography, sociology, education, and health sciences; (d) Work to develop a three week qualitative research methods summer institute at Temple. This would involve helping write or revise a grant for submission to NSF and develop materials. Hopefully the SIR would be interested in participating in the institute in an ongoing fashion if, funding were to become available. (e) Receive both Temple and non-Temple students doing qualitative research at their home university, assuming that there could be students with funding. The scholar will attend the annual International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign in May, and a few other international research focused meetings during the program.

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